SOQI E-Power
Negative Ions
Energized and detox the cells

 The E-Power negative ions energizer will increase the negative potential in your body to give you the same effect, just like when you go to a forested area, the seaside or when you are by a waterfall, the negative ions make you feel great, energized and refreshed, it helps to detox and energize your cells.

The E-Power increases cell energy, balances pH, enhances oxygen reserves, boosts metabolism, circulation, enhances antibodies, increases bone strength, improves nerve function, digestion and elimination, rejuvenates skin and uplifts us,

Benefits derive from E-Power usage
1) Helps increase detoxification
2) Anti-inflammation and pain reduction
3) Beauty and slimming
4) Reduction of blood sugar level in body and improve diabetes
5) Enhance body immune system and improve self cure abilities
6) Activates cells and increase oxygen storage capacity
7) Improves digestive system and constipation
8) Purification of blood and PH level maintain. Lower blood pressure
9) Balance of Autonomic (Central nerves)
10) Enhance metabolism and reduce atherosclerosis

Filled with negative ions and greater cell energy, we are drawn to a lifestyle in greater harmony with the earth and with less reliance on artificial stimulants.

            SOQI E-Power            Health Cosmetology equipment 

Advantages and Uniqueness 

For Health and Beauty 

By using the E-Power, it increases cell membrane potential and charged up the human body, body cells membrane adenosinetriphosphatase (ATPø) activates, increasing ATP synthase, therefore increasing cell membrane ions penetration energy to achieve a state of balanced ions both inside and outside of body cells. With high frequency of 70KHz similar to human body vibration, it expands blood capillaries allowing better blood circulation. Increased supply of oxygen to blood capillaries allowing greater cellular oxygen storage and eliminate carbon dioxide.

The main idea behind E-Power is to help the human body improve its capacity for recovery, build a strong immunologic system and ensure continuous cell reactivation. If your cells are in good shape, your organs and body systems work better.

1) Energized the human body cells to promote better      health

Using high frequency negative voltage, the collection of modern studies of Molecular Biology Research, Electronic studies, Energy Medicine.
Our body is like a capacitor. Seated on an insulted wooded chair, under high frequency of 70KHz and high negative voltage. With a frequency vibration of 70KHz , temperature below our skin rises by 2deg.C; Due to electric charges changes in our body, there is a redistribution of negative and positive ions increasing our body cell membrane potential and selective penetration of ions.
E-Power digital belt has high transmittance of energy, increasing the formation of ATP synthase and oxygen intake and eliminating carbon dioxide. Blood circulation improved and better detoxification of blood enhancing body metabolism and strengthening body immune system improving body conditions keeping us fit and healthy.

Increase Metabolism

Energized ions with selective penetration in the osmosis process of cell membrane are able to detoxify blood and regulate blood PH level to a neutral healthy level. With a frequency vibration of 70KHz , temperature below our skin rises by 2deg.C hence increases our body fat metabolism rate by 26%. Acidic residues adhered on the walls of blood capillaries will thus be removed and metabolized, reducing vascular disease. With increased of enzymes activated in our body, protein molecules begin to vibrate allowing smoother defecation.
Parasympathetic nervous systems normalized, relieving stress and pressure allowing total relaxation of our body enabling us to have a good night sleep.

Effects on human body system

A: Circulatory system
80% of diseases arise due to problems in our circulatory system. U.S Famous heart specialist W.Casteli says: Living to an age up to 90 years old is possible if our heart and blood circulatory system is taken care of.
Having high frequency of 70KHz similar to human body, vibration created causes an increase of body temperature; acidic residues, toxic substances, three serum acid glyceride and cholesterol residing on walls of blood capillaries begin to decompose and dissolved and lastly removed via body metabolism, allowing smoother blood flow in blood capillaries. Also with an increase of cells membrane potential, concentration of ions with selective penetration increases, purifying blood and adjusting its PH value to a healthy level.

B: Nervous System
In modern society, people are suffering from long hours of work and over stressed causing problems such as neurological disorder, headache, insomnia, tinnitus, anxiety disorder and hypotension patients on the rise. All these problems arise due to self-neurological disorder and imbalance of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves. With E-Power high negative voltage, our body cells membrane potential increase, improving cell membrane ions selective penetration. Most notable effect is on the nerve cell due to its sensitivity towards electrical energy. With continuing usage, E-Power is able to rapidly normalized cells in central nervous, keeping blood PH at a healthy balance level, minimizing stomach ulcer, gastric and insomnia, improving and keeping our mind body and soul healthy at all times.

C. Digestive system
Tablets gland is the source of electrical distribution of our body, providing energy to our cells. Energy created is then stored in ATP. When body is under high negative voltage, cell membrane adenosinetriphosphatase (ATPase) activity increase and ATP synthesis of membrane enhance. Tablets gland in muscle cells help to improve digestive function, soften stools and smoothen defecation, stimulate and increase mobility in intestinal wall. With increase in activity of enzyme in our intestine, it helps to absorb nutrients and accelerate the excretion of waste, regulating cell movement.

D. Excretion system
Initial usage of E-Power will increase stool and urine bubbling over and increase of foul smell due to excretion of impurities. And also with increase enzyme activities, it helps to reduce burden of our liver and kidney.

E. Skeletal System
In modern days, many people are lack of calcium due to poor intake of food nutrients and less consumption of milk. With loss of calcium supplement, people now are more susceptible to osteoporosis. Under the effect of high negative voltage, the penetration of selective cell membrane ions increases. At the same time, excess sodium ( Na ) and calcium ( Ca ) ions in blood move and ions such as Potassium ( Ka ) and Magnesium ( Mg ) in blood will now return to the body cells. This will balance the ions concentration both inside and outside of the cells, keeping Calcium ( Ca ) intact in our bones, preventing osteoporosis.

F: Immune system
Strengthen body immune system, the most important function of our body is the immune system and ability to self cure. Under high frequency and negative voltage, our body immunity and self cure ability strengthens, gamma-globulin in blood increases hence balancing the concentration of ions present in our cell membrane, creating biochemical reaction neutralizing (EMF) and eliminating harmful substances which would cause our human body to fall sick. PH value of blood will be normalized, enhancing immunity of body preventing free radicals from invading our body to maintain our body in best healthy conditions.          Research and studies of Electric Beach Method proved that human blood gammaglobulin is activated when body is under the influence of high negative voltage. Gammaglobulin in blood controls the activation of substances, which enhance our body immunity system. Once activated, our body immune system will be enhance and body be more resistant to asthma attack, eczema and allergies.

2) Alternative for Beauty Skincare & Body slimming

With E-Power high frequency effect, protein molecules in body begin to vibrate and cause frictional effect, increasing temperature below skin by 2¡ãC. In turn increases muscles cells metabolism and oxygen storage capacities. It also help your skin to regain vitality, brings shine and youthful looking to your skin! Effective in body slimming.

Suitable for use:
Healthy people – To maintain good health, bringing youth, energy and vitality.
Sub healthy people – Improve fitness and health. Enhancing and normalizing body system.
Non healthy people – Allow yourselves to regain good health with E-Power

- Easy to use, 100% safe, no side effect, does not have sequela
- using high frequency of 70KHz, stable system                                   - Minimum inspection required
- Effective Results

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