Defination of Being Healthy

“Health is wealth”- But being wealthly does not necessarily means healthy. You however, realize the importance of it only when you lose it. It is not too late even now to wake up and work your way to a healthy lifestyle that would fetch you sweet rewards. A good health would ensure a quality life that would let you enjoy each moment and each day of this beautiful world and the life that you are blessed with.

Something Wrong Somewhere If

*You can buy the most Luxurious Bed, but you can't buy Sleep
*You can afford to have the most Delicious Food, but you don't have Appetite to eat.
*You may stay in the most Luxurious Bangalow, but you only live by your BED.


The most important thing to being healthy and staying healthy is to continuously keep ourselves updated, We are constantly exposed to unhealthy lifestyle , and we live in a terribly polluted world, exposed to thousands of toxins and chemicals every day at work, home, in the air, and in the food that we eat and water we drink.

Keeping good health and staying healthy is a continual process. Just a small step to know more about health can actually make a lot of difference to your health.

1) Unhealthy Lifestyle

2) Healthy Lifestyle

3) Food Chart

4) Proper Intestinal Hygiene

5) Benefits of Kefir

6) Detoxification

7) Cancer Prevention

8) Far Infrared Rays

9) Electro Magnetic Field

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