Total Health Management Concept

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This naturalistic approach is extremely powerful because it enhances your particular body’s strengths while providing the energy to heal weak areas.With its gentle, lateral movement, The Chi Machine uses the energy of motion to stimulate the nervous system. In turn, this increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood. This movement also increases circulation, flooding the cells with vital oxygen and nutrients and carrying away waste products. Once inside the cell, oxygen and nutrients are combined through a series of chemical reactions to release energy, or Chi. This is very powerful in itself.

Using The Chi Machine and HotHouse in combination is an even more powerful way to balance the energies in your system. The HotHouse uses thermal energy in the form of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to improve circulation even further. The blood is primarily composed of water. Over time, toxins such as ammonia and heavy metals can cluster around these water molecules, impairing circulation. When the water molecules in the body are exposed to FIR, they easily absorb this energy and begin to vibrate quickly (resonance). These vibrations breakdown the bonds holding the water-toxin cluster together. Since the water molecules are energized and free from toxins, the blood flows smoothly, bringing even more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. We can look at this process from the perspective of the body transforming Chi from thermal energy to motion energy. This new Chi boost of motion energy is manifested by increased circulation much like when a drainpipe is unclogged. The thermal energy from the HotHouse also expands the blood vessels, allowing a higher volume of blood to pass through. This increased circulation means the cells are receiving a regular supply of nutrients and oxygen, accelerating metabolism. By using The Chi Machine and HotHouse in combination to stimulate natural processes within the body, Chi is increased dramatically.

Your body also depends on nutritional energy to function. Even with smooth and oxygenated blood, the body cannot be at its best without nutrients to fuel the system. To extract the right nutrients from the food you eat, your cells undergo thousands of chemical reactions. Without enzymes (a type of protein), these reactions would occur too slowly to sustain life. As we age, we begin to lose enzymes, slowing down our metabolism. If these enzymes are not replenished, serious health problems could result.

Therefore we are also proud to offer our Total Enzyme, a blend of over 80 fruits and vegetables, specifically designed to be taken as part of your daily Total Health Management routine. This incredible formula replenishes important enzymes within the body, leading to better regulation of internal functions, purified blood, improved digestion and enhanced nutrient absorption. In turn, this speeds up the many reactions in the cells that breakdown the food you eat and combines it with oxygen to release energy. By replenishing essential enzymes with Soqi Total Enzyme, you can rebuild your nutritional energy.

All of these internal processes can become jeopardized if the body is not protected from invaders. Everyday, we are exposed to thousands of types of bacteria, viruses and fungi that can wreak havoc on our systems. Our food, our water and even the air we breathe are contaminated with microscopic parasites waiting to make a home inside our bodies. Our only line of defense is our immune system, but it is often overlooked in most health regimens. Soqi is proud to offer a nutritional supplement, Chi Formula, to support the immune system. In contrast to antibiotics which only target specific types of bacteria, Chi Formula strengthens the body’s own natural defense system, allowing for the development of a complex resistance to a wide range of illness. This product is completely safe, Chi Formula should be taken daily as part of your Total Health Management routine.

By balancing the energies of motion, thermal, electric and nutritional energy, using soqi products in combination is a safe and effective, a convenient way to maintain your body’s Chi. Maintaining vital Chi allows the body to heal itself and maintain proper body function as a whole, maintaining health and prevent illnesses. Through its range of products, Soqi offers a Total Health Management program with universal appeal.

Chi Machine

The Soqi Sun Ancon Chi Machine will help eliminate the body toxins and provide the essential benefits of sports and fitness programs without putting stress on parts of the body such as vertebrae joints, heart and lungs and without depleting body energy levels or causing injury.


FIR HotHouse is capable of penetrating deep into the human body. It can gently and delight-fully elevate the body's temperature. When it does so, it helps to expand capillaries, which stimulates blood circulation. This increases the body's energy reserve, and accelerates the metabolic exchange between blood and body tissue.


The E-Power increases cell energy, balances pH, enhances oxygen reserves, boosts metabolism, circulation, enhances antibodies, increases bone strength, improves nerve function, digestion and elimination, rejuvenates skin and uplifts us mentally and emotionally as well.

Electro Reflex Energizer

An instrument that helps reconnect broken or damaged electrical circuits within the body by stimulating it with the correct wave form, current, and frequency.


Soqibed combines Eastern health philosophy and modern technology. Integrating motion energy, thermal energy, and spa music into a multi-energy product,capable of delivering this technology to every home. The SoqiBed Spa gives you the ultimate experience in relaxation and maintaining your health at the same time.

Soqi Nutrients

Nutrients for example like chi formula and enzymes(a form of catalytic protein) must be present in order for the body system to perform its function, insuffecient nutrients will lead to cell malfunction, poor health conditions, critical illness and eventually death.