Soqi New Enzymes Helps To:

Regulate Internal Functions
Enzymes buffer internal acidity, maintain the proper balance of beneficial bacteria in the body, aid digestion, and strengthen resistance to harmful bacteria. They serve to maintain and enhance internal functions, and help restore you to a state of living more complete rather than living with just mediocre health.

Purify the Blood
Blood Cleansing: Enzymes are able to help remove unwanted substances from the blood, dissolve cholesterol attached to artery walls, and prevent cardiovascular diseases caused by high blood pressure.

Infection Fighter:
When good cells are damaged and germs attack, enzymes in the body rally to counter and fend off the bacteria. They break down and remove the festering germ and alleviate the infection of the afflicted area. At the same time, nutrients in your body are induced to generate new cells and bring about full recovery.

Enzymes not only enhance the effectiveness of your leukocytes (white blood cells) in killing harmful germs, they also have anti-bacterial properties themselves.

Improve Digestion and Absorption:
Enzymes are able to metabolize nutrients thus making them more easily digested, absorbed, and oxidized --- better utilized by the human body --- and so produce the needed energy and heat. They also help to maintain hormonal balance.

Aids Proper Intestinal Hygiene also helps in cases of:

Cleanses the stomach;

quickly breaks down the blood alcohol, preventing inebriation or helping the recovery process after intoxication;

Poor gastrointestinal function
Blocking the growth of the germs that cause putrefaction in the intestines, promoting the proliferation of lactic acid bacteria and other beneficial bacteria, and aiding gastrointestinal absorption;

Post-operation recuperation
Aids food digestion and conversion into products more easily absorbed. Especially beneficial in the recovery of patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers and ulcers of the large intestine

Constipation and hemorrhoids
Amazing results in treating such diseases has been demonstrated.

Improve Metabolic Cell Function
Human body cells have metabolic functions, Old cells must be replaced by new ones every four months. Only when the enzymes in the body are in good balance is this process and the chemical functions completed with a smooth transition between cell decomposition and restoration. If the enzymes don’t work properly, disease may result.

Beauty Care
a. Promotes smooth, fine-textured, beautiful skin;
b. Removes freckles, black spots and prevents early wrinkling;
c. Removes rashes, and is good for skin allergies and hives.
d. Clears red eyes and is effective in promoting clearer vision.
e. Nourishes and promotes hair and nail growth.

a. Promotes long life through normal cell metabolism;
b. Help to re-activate cells to prevent diseases;
c. Effective in fighting cancers and also for the prevention of infections associated with AIDS.

Aid Achieving Pregnancy
The sperm enzymes break down the wall surrounding the ovum enabling the tow to combine and generate new life.

Ingredients for Total Enzyme Drink
Fermentative liguid of vegetable and fruit, Lactobacillius sporogenesis, Co-enzyme Q10

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