Chi Formula (Siberian Ginseng)

The amazing facts of Chi Formula

* What is Chi Formula? The key ingredient of Chi Formula is Siberian Ginseng. Siberian Ginseng is principally found growing along the banks of the Heilongjiang River, which runs along the Sino-Russian border, and also grows in Siberia and in Hokkaido, Japan.
Siberian ginseng is not actually ginseng but it is so called because it works in such a similar way. It is an adaptogen, and it encourages the adrenal glands to secrete STRESS FIGHTING HORMONES.

So it is known to strengthen the whole system and help fight colds, flu, fatigue, viral infections, nervous breakdown, depression, environmental toxins, to help the liver detox, and to alleviate menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms.

Siberian ginseng basically boosts the body's capacity to handle stress, ranging from heat exposure to extreme exertion. It helps the body become disease resistant and boosts energy levels.

In a Russian study Siberian ginseng was noted that after taking Siberian ginseng regularly, labourers doing hard physical work experienced significant improvements such as:
Improved physical performance
Increased mental clarity
Capacity to adapt to extreme circumstances such as altitude, heat, oxygen.

Siberian ginseng has also been known to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, it is well known to boost mental alertness and improve concentration (has been used in early stages of Alzheimer's). It boosts female fertility, increases testosterone levels in men and is said to increase sperm count, and relieve male impotence and erectile dysfunction. Siberian ginseng is more useful for maintaining good health rather than treating ill health. Siberian Ginseng is reputed to have a normalising effect, bringing the body back into balance. Siberian ginseng may help to protect the body from the debilitating effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Siberian ginseng contains remarkable compounds that favorably affect the adrenal glands, the small glands that rest atop the kidneys and secrete stress-fighting hormones. Siberian ginseng can increase a person's resistance to physical stresses. Siberian ginseng is popular for invigorating and fortifying the body. By supporting healthy uterine function, Siberian ginseng may be useful in preventing female infertility. Siberian ginseng may increase mental alertness, particularly in the early stages of this progressive disorder.

* Why Use Chi Formula?
Today, our health is being jeopardized by many things and in many ways. Cramped and crowded living and working conditions, a deteriorating environment, stress from the fast pace and the many demands of life, our poor dietary habits and lack of exercise are just a few of the assaults on our bodies.
* Our new Chi Formula takes traditional Chinese medicine a step further. It provides a perfect combination of health maintenance as well as therapy --- destroying and purging you of the things threatening your health and then bestowing on you great energy and vitality leading to more radiant beauty. Anticipate your internal organs regaining their function without any side effects even after prolonged use.

These medicinal herbs can be used as a dietary supplement because it is as beneficial as a preventive as it is as a treatment for disease. An article in Volume 21, 1980 of the U.S. medical magazine Planta Medica cites that long-term use of Siberian Ginseng can :
increase oxygen absorption 11.9%,
increase physical strength a signigicant 23.3%,
improve oxygen and blood circulation 7.6%,
increase stamina the body’s staying power 16.3%.

* Chi Formula’s Three Primary Functions:
It has significantly better adaptogens are winning wider attention in international medical and pharmaceutical circles. The same is true of Siberian Ginseng. Adaptogens in our Chi Formula produce these effects:
1. Increases and strengthens the human body’s immune system;
2. Properly regulates the pathological process and helps restore it to a normal state;
3. Helps the internal organs to return to normal function without side effects even after prolonged use.

Our Chi Formula herbal aerobic health food is specially formulated primarily of Siberian Ginseng in combination with other compounds. It promotes health when taken on a regular basis, and best results are achieved when used in conjunction with our Sun Harmony Aerobic Health Builder. The beneficial properties are:

1. Aids hormone secretion by stimulating the functioning of the pituitary gland;
2. Improves and strengthens the constitution by activating the digestive and circulatory system;
3. Relieves anxiety while increasing strength and energy; and,
4. Increases metabolism and reduces fatigue.

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